Is India attracting frugal tourists?

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A global slowdown might not be able to curb wanderlust but it can definitely turn you into a frugal traveller. 

Latest numbers for tourism into India show a rise in both the numbers and the total spending by tourists, despite the fact that the country remains unsafe and the world economy is slow to recover. However, with a difference. Spending per tourist in India rose by less than 3% during the April-August 2013 period, in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year. As of 2013, on an average, a tourist spends around US $ 2,800 in India in comparison with US $ 2,700 in 2012. This increase is far less than the average inflation increase in the country, the headline number of wholesale price index (WPI) for which is at 5.75% and the consumer inflation is still hovering around double digits. 

This suggests that the average tourist is certainly not going overboard in its spending today. If any thing, she/he is potentially being cautious with money. Or are there more competitively priced options for tourist stay and travel available today? 

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