Delhi-Kolkata industrial corridor - great idea that deserves solid implementation

- Manika Premsingh
This week's post is driven by the graphic below - this picture was tweeted by the PMO India, mapping out the proposed Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata industrial corridor. It sounds like a fantastic idea on paper since:
- It covers states accounting for 40% of India's population
- Industry in India is still quite small compared with the country's level of development
- Industrial development can provide the option for movement of labour outside agriculture
- It can be an important employment provider to India's labour surplus
- Industrial development can lower India's dependence on imports from abroad, important for a country with a chronic current account deficit

The catch: implementing it, and implementing it right. Democratic governance can often come with challenges of consensus building that can slowdown growth and development. Can this implementation challenge be addressed head on? How?

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